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Are you struggling To Burn Fat & Build Muscle?

Learn how my 90 Day Lean Physique Program Can Radically Restore Your Metabolism, Burn Fat and Build a Strong Body


And get the 9-Step ‘Meta-Hormonal Lean Physique Formula’ Blueprint



How Does My ‘Meta-Hormonal Lean
Physique Formula’ Work?



Take a holistic assessment, optimize your nutrition & exercise for your unique body type & metabolic health



With your re-charged metabolism, we improve gut & hormonal health through stress balance



Master mindset, re establish your new weight set point and achieve your lean, strong body inside & out, and then sustain it!


STEP 1: Holistic Assessment:

Figure out your baseline through lab testing and other assessments.

Create S.M.A.R.T Goals.

STEP 2: Optimized Nutrition:

Based on your unique body type, schedule and goals, your nutrition is personalized & simplified

STEP 3:  Smart Fitness:

Your movement routine is customized with a balance of work -OUT and work-IN exercises to nourish your metabolism & inner engine



Step 4:  Re-Charged Metabolism:

Learn how nutrition portion, timing and sleep quality boost lean muscle and metabolism

Step 5: Hormone Rebalancing:

Understand and utilize gut health and stress management to get your hormonal system working for you, rather than against you

Step 6: Learn Meal Prep

Macros and how to navigate restaurants, traveling & social gatherings with ease and success



Step 7: Mindset Mastery:

Develop habit tracking for sustainability long term fat loss and enhance your inner motivation to keep your lean strong body long term

Step 8: Plateau Busters:

Utilize Dr. Stef’s Nutrition & Training App and Accountability System to assure continued success

Step 9: A Stronger YOU: 

Compare your improvements through assessments, celebrate your wins and refocus with elevated goals


Check Out What Our Clients Have To Say About The Program


Check Out What Our Clients Have To Say About The Program

These are just a few of the results some of our members are experiencing inside of our program

Listen… Was Crystal scared, and has she experienced challenges?


But she is no different than you in that she took the training and guidance and applied it to her body, health and mind.


She committed to transforming her life and body from the inside, out and from that commitment she was able to fill her cup to help others. 


(Not just some typical weight loss program, it’s a process that works)

Do You Want Immediate Access to the Exact Blueprint These Members and Clients Used? 

If the answer is yes, click below right now

And get the 9-Step ‘Meta-Hormonal Lean Physique Formula’ Blueprint

Hi I’m Dr. Stefanie Basso!

Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Master Trainer and former National Level Natural Bodybuilding Athlete

With 20+ years of personal training and coaching men, women, athletes and fitness groups, I’ve successfully trained thousands of clients.

I have the first hand experience of creating my lean, strong, fit body from scratch even while having dealt with autoimmune disease unlike many self-proclaimed trainers and nutrition experts and now I can help you do the same - crack your body’s code!


I’m very well aware of challenges one faces while trying to lose weight, get strong and feel great while being a busy single mom.


Another benefit of working with me is that I’m still maintaining the body I’ve always dreamed of by following my very own formula!


Which means I remain very well updated with the current nutrition and training science. 


Sharing my knowledge and helping others reach their life, fitness and health goals gives me a great feeling of accomplishment!


Check Out a Few More of Our Client Feedbacks/Testimonials

IMG_1474 (1).PNG

And get the 9-Step ‘Meta-Hormonal Lean Physique Formula’ Blueprint

If you're here, chances are:

You're struggling to lose weight and keep it off


Or… You're having a hard time maintaining or building muscle while dropping weight


Or… You're a busy mom, dad or full-time worker with a very busy schedule and don't know how to reach your weight loss goals


Or… Maybe want help with all three things!


Dr. Steph knows you are ready to take your health and fat loss goals to the next level the right way, once and for all!

What makes Dr. Stef’s Meta-Hormonal Lean Physique Formula different from others?

With so many trainers and Health coaches claiming to help you lose weight, most of them do not have the authority to personalize nutrition plans nor the education and knowledge of how metabolic health and hormone system works.


Dr. Stef delivers by leading you with education and truly cares about your health - body, mind, spirit - even on the inside. 


She has been training and coaching clients online successfully for over 10 years and has perfected her 9-step system to help you reach your fat loss goals quickly and efficiently while better yet, learning to keep your results long term and create sustainability. 


If you're ready to see the nine step process to burning fat and building muscle fast by radically restoring your metabolism and hormonal health click on the button below and get started immediately.


  • I'm interested in joining, what exactly am I getting?

When you join STEFFITNESS, you will be given a PROVEN SYSTEM that has transformed hundreds of busy  lives. This will include EVERYTHING from custom nutritional programming using my Holistic Nutrition, custom training protocols, mindset coaching, access to our Masterclass (educational online course), our Never Fall Off Accountability System™ with ongoing support, weekly live coaching calls, and an environment with likeminded dudes who are all on the same journey.

  • Why do I need to qualify to join?

The reason why we're very selective with who joins STEFFITNESS is because we only want to work with guys who are committed to changing their lives. If you bring in anyone and everyone, it's only going to lower the standard of our community, and we refuse to tolerate low standards for ourselves and our clients.

  • How long do I have to workout?

The reason why we're very selective with who joins STEFFITNESS is because we only want to work with guys who are committed to changing their lives. If you bring in anyone and everyone, it's only going to lower the standard of our community, and we refuse to tolerate low standards for ourselves and our clients.

  • Do I have to do a ton of cardio?

No. We lean into something called LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) activity to increase output without raising stress levels then utilize HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) for certain individuals and body types. We take into account your activity & steps outside the gym too.  Your cardio schedule will be very personalized, if any.

  • How is this different than all the other stuff out there?

Most weight loss programs will give you a cookie-cutter diet and bland meal plan that involves saying bye to all of the foods you love and sacrificing your life just to get in shape. Inside of STEFFITNESS, we don't want you to feel like some sort of dieting robot... We believe in long term results, which means everything we do is based around enjoyment and sustainability. We will show you how to incorporate the foods you love, without sabotaging results that burn fat  and increaseyour metabolism.

  • What if it doesn't work?

We understand how many BS weight loss programs are out there, so we don't blame you if you're feeling skeptical. This is why our program comes with TWO guarantees. If you join STEFFITNESS you have a 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked . Also, if you don't lose at least 15 lbs in 90 days, we will issue a full refund for wasting your time. That's how confident we are in what we do here.

  • Will I be on a diet?

No, I don't believe in diets and they do not work. I don't diet either. I am going to take the time to teach you how to properly fuel your body so there will be multiple phases to the program. There will be more structure in the beginning and as time progresses and you get the hang of things -real freedom and intuitiveness with food! To burn fat, we don’t need to just eat less; we need to eat enough.  Chronic dieting ends here with me. You path is simplified because I do the math on your calorie intake, macronutrient ratio’s, ingredients, and meal timing.

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