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Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Stef's Gut Repair Program


Over the course of just 4 weeks, you will delve deep into the understanding of your gut health and learn how to set it right. Here's what you'll get:

Theory Preparation Icon

Exclusive Gut Test Protocol

 Learn optimal gut tests that will assess the health of your digestive system and lead you to a path of repair and rebalance.


Personalize support via my Private Facebook Group

Connect with my competent team and empathetic community. Share, learn, and support in an understanding space.


Access to the Rapid Relief Supplement Bundle

This supplement bundle has been crafted to work in harmony with the Gut Repair program.


Comprehensive Meal Plan and Recipes

No more guesswork. Follow my comprehensive meal plan guide, snack list & recipe bundle to nourish yourself right every time.

Fitness Video

Lifetime Access to Recorded Lessons and Downloadable PDFs

Resources at your fingertips, accessible anytime, even after the program concludes.

Medical Checkup

Opportunity for a 1 : 1 Consultation

Get personalized advice during a one-on-one consultation with your instructor, Dr. Stefanie Basso.

Plus Shape

Bonuses & Extra Resources

Enjoy special perks like discounts, access to pre-recorded Q&A sessions, and much more…

By the end of this program, you'll:


Understand your unique supplement and protocol needs – because this program is tailored just for you.


Enjoy a restful sleep and an energy boost via adrenal support and circadian rhythm resetting.


Bid adieu to bloating and gas, and welcome regular bowel movements.


Understand your gut-specific tests results for greater body awareness.


Comprehend your detoxification pathways, learning when and how exactly to detoxify.


Know what to eat, how to prepare it, and what foods to avoid during your gut health journey.

In this program, I'll empower you with the confidence and resources to heal your gut, counter symptoms such as bloating and constipation, and lead a healthier life. 

Don't forget, your gut health influences everything from your metabolism to inflammation, autoimmune diseases, sleep patterns, mental health, and more. 

Healing your gut is a life-changing step!

Lana S, Utah

"I just got back from vacation and it's the first in 20 years that I didn't suffer with travel constipation, bloating, gas, and diarrhea! I actually had NORMAL bowel movements! something I didn't think was possible before meeting with Dr. Stef. I finally feel whole again!"

What Dr. Stef's Clients Say...

Angela S, CA

"This morning I woke with such great energy! poochy hormonal belly feels like it's shrinking!! I love how I feel since I've made the changes you suggested."

Lisa D, NC

"It's only been 1 week since following your 'YES' list and finally no bloating, diarrhea or gas buildup! I am loving the snack list especially on busy days.  My bowels are more regular than I can ever remember." 

About Me

Stefanie Basso 

Before becoming a board-certified holistic nutrition practitioner, I was a patient, just like you. I wrestled with constipation, bloating, and periods of diarrhea. I tried everything - diets, supplements, juice cleanses - until I began my personal journey to wellness.

This journey led me to a complete career switch towards kinesiology education and holistic nutrition. I was fortunate to learn from world-renowned functional medicine experts, leading to the development of my own protocols and excellent gut-specific supplements.

In my Gut Repair Program, I share these protocols with you. Despite my passion for personalized care, I've found a unique way to cater to many while addressing individual needs.

Thousands of people like you have tried these protocols and they've proven to be successful. I'm eager for you to join us!


Stefanie Basso

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