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Achieve Hormonal Harmony: Your 4-Week Blueprint to Balance


Seeking to nourish your body and finally strike a balance with your hormones through positive dietary and lifestyle strategies?

Don't compromise your wellness by navigating the information overload on the internet. Dr. Stef's Hormonal Harmony Blueprint is your ultimate game-changer!


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Welcome to the only online program designed to unlock the pinnacle of your female health. Fed up with conflicting advice and confusion? Hormonal Harmony Blueprint helps you to personalized your nutrition and lifestyle for your unique body and hormonal symptoms. 

Imagine waking up each day brimming with energy, with no sign of that notorious afternoon slump. Envision yourself free from cravings, bloating, hot flashes, low libido, skin issues and period problems. Or, if you're aiming to lose weight more efficiently, picture achieving that goal without sacrificing your favorite foods. This is what it feels like to have balanced hormones!

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Hormonal Harmony Blueprint: Your 4 Weeks to Balance is a self-paced online course that serves as a comprehensive guide for women looking to nourish their bodies, balance their hormones, and optimize their gut health. It includes a goal-setting workbook that includes a meal plan template, snack ideas, hormone health recipe bundle and a symptom tracker, giving you the tools to monitor your progress.

The course is divided into four steps:



We start by unlearning everything you thought you knew about 'health', so we can pave the way for all the new knowledge coming in. I will be teaching you exactly what you should be eating so you can repair your metabolism and set the foundations for hormonal harmony.



One of the steps I use with every single 1:1 client I work with. You will learn about testing protocols that will help you to more clearly see the root of your imbalances and create a more personalized game plan to restore balance.  This step is an absolute game changer for alleviating symptoms like fatigue, cravings, and stubborn weight gain.  



Repetition creates definition.  How we spend our time and energy affects our hormones. Let’s dive in and look at your environment, learn how to really manage stress, incorporate positive exercises for your cycle, and master strategies for better sleep.  We will be looking at strategies to support digestion, absorption of nutrients, and the microbiome for hormone balance.



There are a few science-backed herbal remedies and supplements that support your hormonal system.  We’ll discuss safe and effective supplement usage and see what hormone balance is meant to look like at every age.  Overall, we’ll create a long-term sustainable hormone-balancing plan that will much better lead you to smooth exciting transitions into menopause and beyond. 


-Goal Setting & Symptom Tracking Workbook = $100

-Recipe Bundles = worth $250

-Worksheets and Resources = worth $250

-My Expertise and Experience= invaluable

-BONUS: 60 minute 1:1 Consult & Supplement Schedule
(at additional 33% discount fee = $297


Your Investment Today Only = $97!

Dianne R, NC

"This morning 4 lbs down. I used to have such horrible PMS symptoms and finally they are mild & don't take over my life.  I'm eating MORE & feeling better. Dr. Stef, thank you!"

What Dr. Stef's Clients Say...

Angela S, CA

"This morning I woke with such great energy! poochy hormonal belly feels like it's shrinking!! I love how I feel since I've made the changes you suggested."

Nikki D, HI

"I'm LOVING how I'm feeling! The meals are great, they work for my schedule. After many failed attempts to get 'me' back...I just wish I started sooner with you. THANK YOU" 

Remember, restoring your hormones to balanced bliss changes everything.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to take control of your health. The Hormonal Harmony Blueprint is your guide to a healthier, happier you, whether you are in perimenopausal years with a monthly cycle, in premenopause or menopause.

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Are you ready to take the first step to restoring & rebalancing your hormonal heal?

Sign up for Hormonal Harmony Blueprint: Your 4 Weeks to Balance Program today!

About Me

Stefanie Basso 

Before becoming a board-certified holistic nutrition practitioner, I was a patient, just like you. I wrestled with constipation, bloating, and periods of diarrhea. I tried everything - diets, supplements, juice cleanses - until I began my personal journey to wellness.

This journey led me to a complete career switch towards kinesiology education and holistic nutrition. I was fortunate to learn from world-renowned functional medicine experts, leading to the development of my own protocols and excellent gut-specific supplements.

In my Gut Repair Program, I share these protocols with you. Despite my passion for personalized care, I've found a unique way to cater to many while addressing individual needs.

Thousands of people like you have tried these protocols and they've proven to be successful. I'm eager for you to join us!


Stefanie Basso

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