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12 Week Program - Meta-Hormonal Lean Physique

  • 84Days
  • 50Steps
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Welcome to your 12 Week Online 1-on-1 Program! This program is for you if you're tired of chronic dieting, have subpar energy and mood, feel like your metabolism and gut is 'slugglish', have minimal time for the gym or meal prepping. You're frustrated with not being able to burn fat, tone & keep it off. Why my Meta-Hormal Lean Physique Formula Program is unique and works: Simply put - Personalization, 1-on-1 coaching & Education on how to make building your dream body (& life) feasible and sustainable so that you can keep your results long term! My system works better than any supplement or surgical procedure because we get to the root of what was keeping your fat loss 'stuck', repair & revive your inner engine and shine outside. This includes mindset coaching, lab work assessment & I pride on my knowledge, expertise and experience in having helped to transform over a thousand lives of burnt out, tired and busy people, just like you. You're next! MY PROGAM FORMULA INCLUDES: • Custom Nutrition Plans • Custom Weight Training Plans * Cardio Schedule • Customized Supplement Schedule Checkins: Monthly Zooms, Weekly Email & Bi-Weekly Texts • 24-hour text/email access to me • Access to Dr. Stef's Training App & FB Community Group • Equipment recommendations No more starting and falling off the bandwagon anymore. Eat the foods that you love and feel great again as you build the body & life of your dreams from the inside out!

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